Paint By Numbers Landscape
Modern Small Canvas DIY Portraits With Brushes
On The Edge Landscape Paint By Numbers
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On The Edge Landscape Paint By Numbers

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For those whose mind seeks solitude and tranquillity; and have restless feet too, to trudge along steep pathways, this could be an ideal scene that allows them to pour their inner thoughts on a canvas.

After all, art is an adventure that never ends.

A secluded lake, tucked in the mountains, flaunting a dazzling and deep hue, could just be your ‘work of joy’ reinvigorating your senses as you dip the brush in color and move it on the canvas, portraying the subtle curves and spirals on a painting that looks somewhat linear at the first glance.

The sky is overcast with fluffy clouds that along with lofty yet serene mountains reflect the various shades of blue in the placidly flowing water below. The waves flowing without any resistance to their moment are a highlight of this scene, providing you with the challenge to get the movement right, made easier with numbers.

How we envy the lady perched atop the rocky hilltop with the sun making her hair glimmer in gold and her shadow falling behind her.

She appears to have found the connection with Nature and soaking the calm that we all know must prevail at that coveted spot.

Some people live life on the edge everyday and love every minute of it. They are the ones with a vision for more, greater and different. Fear doesn’t take control of their lives. And breathtaking vistas like this are there for them to behold, for their spirit craves the peak of adventure. In hiking, art and life!

You’ll enjoy painting this work of art. The use of warm and cool color tones make this piece very appealing to the eye. It isn’t just a joy to look at, but it also makes a great conversation starter with its use of an abstract style. The bold and sometimes undefined shapes, colors, forms and lines create a visual language that you can master with our paint-by-numbers kit.

Paint by number landscape, DIY portraits with brush.

Size: 20" X 16" (50cm X 40cm)

Numbered high-quality cotton canvas

Numbered acrylic-based paint set.

Paint brush set - 2 thin, 1 medium, 1 wide.

Varnish to add brightness and preserve the finished painting

Easy-to-follow instruction guide.

Reference sheet.